Health Screening for Women

Many of us spend so much time looking after other people. Our children, our partners, parents and our friends. And when it’s coupled with the stress faced with holding down a day job we often forget to check in with ourselves.

The well woman check is designed to screen for common maladies that plague us. For women who are menstruating, this may be a low blood count, low iron levels, insufficient vitamin D or other hormonal imbalances. For others, the menopausal state brings with it other issues. Rising cholesterol levels, glucose intolerance and weight gain may become more significant.

Detect Health Concerns before they Worsen

Spending some time with our doctor will help to sort out and determine the correct laboratory tests and imaging needed. Most women will require a Pap test and may benefit from a pelvic ultrasound, some will require mammograms and breast ultrasounds, and yet others may require more in depth laboratory tests for hormonal imbalances. Knowing your cycles and family history of illnesses such as breast or ovarian cancer will help the doctor decide on the tests that will suit you.

Female Doctors for a more Comfortable Experience

At Heal Group, we believe that everyone deserves a rewarding, enriching life, which is what we hope to help you achieve. Getting regular check-ups can ensure you aren’t ignoring dangerously low nutrient levels or other serious health concerns, whether you’re male or female. We know that it can be daunting going for screenings, which is why we aim to be a friendly, welcoming team that will help you with your personal requests.

If you are due for a health screening, be sure to book in with Heal Group. You can give us call on 6250 9550, or drop us an email to make an appointment or for more information.