International travel is becoming increasingly more popular and accessible, thanks to the increase in flights and flight carriers.

Trying to stay safe and well during the trip is of utmost concern to fully enjoy the travel experience.  Besides the adults, it is also important to keep children well with pre travel consultation and vaccinations.

Some common concerns for travel are related to altitude sickness, avoiding traveler’s diarrhea and motion sickness. Knowing your personal history for previous history of altitude sickness, pre existing medical conditions as well as propensity for vertigo will help the doctor assess your risk for developing specific conditions.

Frequently people forget to protect against common illnesses such as influenza and pneumonia. It is also wise to ensure you and your family are protected against tetanus, diptheria and pertussis ( whooping cough ).  Other illnesses such as rubella and measles may be of significance to child bearing women.

As part of the visit, the doctor will also advise you regarding other illnesses such as dengue and malaria.

We recommend you book in your visit at least a month before your planned travel, ideally 6 months before the trip. Do call us at 62509550 or drop us an email for more information.