Health Screening for Singapore Men

We expect maximum performance from our bodies 100% of the time, for work and for sports. To help our bodies achieve that we must eat, sleep and maintain our health as best as we can.

However, even healthy, fit men should still book regular check-ups with his doctor. Heal Group Singapore provide a health screening designed to monitor various aspects of your body, from nutrients levels to blood count.

The men’s health screen is designed to detect factors that may lead to tiredness and poor performance, such as a low blood count (anaemia) or a poorly functioning thyroid.

Screen for Warning Signs of Health Concerns

We believe in enriching people’s lives as well as living a rewarding, fulfilling life ourselves. We are passionate about helping our patients with specialised treatments as well as generalised check-ups. A rewarding life starts with your health, which is why we provide a range of services to assist in men’s health, women’s health as well as other treatments.

We want to make your doctor’s visit an enjoyable experience. Whether you have a dentist appointment or simply want a consultation, we want to be a friendly face you remember, so you are happy to come back. Let us help you enhance your health, and detect any illnesses or concerns that may prevent you from living to the fullest.

Consult with your Doctor for More Information

The screen will include an initial consultation with our doctor, followed by a series of laboratory tests and electrocardiogram. An optional sperm test may be included if there is a desire for fertility testing.

Make sure you are getting regular check-ups so we can detect any illnesses that we are able to treat. If you are a man or a woman overdue for a screening, book an appointment with Heal Group. Please call us at 62509550 or drop us an email for more information.