Cosmetic and Medical IPL Skin Treatment

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a skin treatment designed for both medical and cosmetic purposes. Some of the reasons behind the use of IPL include hair removal, treating unwanted skin pigmentation as well as helping with acne and other dermatological diseases.

The light rays are designed to target particular parts of the skin, whether that be hair or acne. Many of our patients choose this treatment when they have pigmentation or skin conditions that they are unable to hide.

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Many factors can affect the way your skin looks. Sun damage, disease and even genetics will determine the appearance of the skin. There are few procedures available that can actually help target the appearance of pigmented or damaged skin, but IPL has widely become a popular option.

At Heal Group, our team of IPL treatment doctors will guide you through the procedure, filling you in with risks, options and alternatives. We believe in a personal approach to each one of our patients, so when you discuss with us your needs, we will make sure the treatment meets these.

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Before you make the decision to book an appointment for IPL, you should discuss your options with a doctor. A consultation will help our doctors work out a personalised treatment for you. While results vary in patients, a discussion about your requests can help us fine-tune the treatment to suit the look you want.

Heal Group is a friendly team passionate about enriching people’s lives through cosmetic and medical treatments. Whether you are interested in liposuction, IPL treatment or breast implants, we have doctors that will guide you through the right procedure for you. Call us on 6250 9550 to book an appointment, or get in touch via our contacts page.