Breast Cancer Reconstruction Surgery

Breast reconstruction surgery is a procedure designed for women post mastectomy or lumpectomy, to reconstruct the shape of their breast after treatment. The shape can be made using a breast implant, but other options are also possible.

The decision to undergo breast reconstruction surgery is a highly personal one. It’s important to have a good team supporting you through the process, including friends, family and doctors. The staff at Heal Group will provide you with a friendly and relaxing environment during this procedure.

Reconstruction for Post-Mastectomy Singapore Patients

It’s natural to be overcome with a number of emotions, whether that be sad, mournful or anxious, after having a part of your body removed. Breast reconstruction surgery is designed to help women struggling to deal with the change in their breasts.

At Heal Group, we are able to provide women with this surgery, which will include an in-depth consultation to discuss with you your options. Before meeting with a doctor, consider what you’re looking for in the procedure such as what shape you want, as well as consider how important your breast shape is to you.

Book a Consultation with Heal Group

We believe everyone deserves a rewarding and enriching life, and it’s what we hope to help you achieve through our procedures. When you meet with one of our doctors for surgery, we will discuss with you your options, the risks and what’s involved. We will make sure to help you find the shape you’re looking for, while also ensuring you are in the know during the procedure.

If you’re looking for a friendly, compassionate team to assist you during your breast reconstruction surgery, choose Heal Group in Singapore. To book a consultation, give us a call on 6250 9550, or send us an email using our contact page.