• Counselling was introduced in Heal Medical Centre, to provide a holistic wellness experience for our patients as we believe that everyone can benefit from professional counselling.
  • At Heal Medical Centre we build a therapeutic relationship where we journey with our clients towards greater self-awareness, working through issues and leading them towards self-empowerment. This enables our clients to lead purposeful and fulfilling lives while facing their challenges.
  • Counselling services (60 – 90min sessions)

    o Depression, Anxiety-related issues, Stress
    o Fertility Issues, Pre and Post-natal Issues
    o Anger Management, Self-Esteem
    o Interpersonal Difficulties issues, Relationship Issues
    o Grief and Loss, Life Transitions, School and Workplace Issues (The list is non-exhaustive)
    A complimentary 30-min counselling session can be provided to clients for the first time.

  • Support Groups
     For greater support and empathy with other like-minded individuals facilitated by our professional counsellor

    Talks and Workshops
     An avenue for our counsellor to share strategies from evidence-based modalities to manage issues we face in life.